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Scenes From Around Troop F

Auxiliary Trooper Thomas Steinkamp, Troop L, Awarded Trooper of the Quarter - 4th Quarter 2013

Auxiliary Trooper Steinkamp pulled an unresponsive motorist from a canal east of I-95. He started CPR and continued until paramedics arrived. He was assisted by a Hollywood police officer who was able to do chest compressions. The subject was ultimately pronounced dead. Steinkamp remained on the scene and assisted THI with their investigation. He taped the scene, assisted in gathering measurements, gathered personal equipment of the driver, bagged vest, helmet and other items and insured they were properly handled and delivered to the investigating trooper.

It is Steinkampís ability to assess an emergency situation, understand and accept the danger to which he would be exposed in attempting to recover a person from an unlighted canal at night, quickly arrange for two other people to hold on to him while he entered the water and successfully complete that task in an attempt to save a life that we recognize here. His assessment skills, speedy analysis and courage in the presence of danger win high praise and this nomination.

Firearms Qualifying for Old and New at DCI!

On Saturday, March 1st at DCI FHPA and FHP current and retired members met to share some old times and qualify their weapons for another year. Duty weapons, Shotguns, Rifles, ASR Spray and off duty weapons were put to the test. A good time was had by all. We want to especially thank Lt. Billy Rippy, Trooper Dan Hinton, Trooper Roldan Rodriquez and A/Trooper Joe Filice -- our outstanding instructors for the day. We also must thank the Ft. Myers Auxiliary Unit for funding the wonderful BBQ Dinner and the Bradenton Unit for cooking and serving. It was a great day for all. Anyone looking at this site that has an interest in joining this outstanding group, go to for information about the FHPA and to get an application. You may view all the pictures by clicking HERE. There you can 'copy' any picture form the web site.

Wink News Reports on Auxiliary Troopers in Troop F

On Friday, February 21st WINK News filmed Auxiliary Troopers Phil Osborn, Tom Snelling and Lt. Bueno. This is a important part of our new recruiting efforts in the state and specially Troop F.


Recruiters Begin New Drive!

On Saturday, February 8th Troop F Auxiliary recruiters meet in Venice to begin a major recruiting drive. Our goal is to double our membership in the next three years! The meeting was conducted by our new Recruit Coordinator, Tpr. Phil Osborn.

Capt. Dave Bush, Sgt. Joe Noel, Lt. Montie Dowling & Major John Prescott

Auxiliary works I-75 Shutdown. In late January a crash on I-75 south bound caused shutting down the highway. The Auxiliary was 'called out' to help with traffic management. Major Prescott, Capt. Osborn, Lt. Gentsch, Tpr. Celona and Tpr. Filice responded and provided traffic management over the next three days.
Ft. Myers welcomes the Vice President of the United States!

On Wednesday, January 1, 2014 the Vice President of the US visited the West Coast of Florida. The FHP and FHPA Troop F provided security for the V-POTUS during his arrival. Below are the Auxiliary Troopers that worked the detail.

Major John Prescott Venice
Lieutenant Marion Dowling Clewiston
Captain David Bush Fort Myers
Sergeant Rob  Aponte Fort Myers
Trooper Thomas Snelling Fort Myers
Trooper James Larson Fort Myers
Trooper Richard Stevens Fort Myers
Captain Harold Osborn Venice
Trooper David Pollard Venice



Lt Montie Dowling (Clewiston) and Trp Joe Filice (Bradenton) demonstrated the rollover at the Hometown Heroes event in Wauchula on Saturday, 11/9.

Simunition training in Troop F. On Saturday, Nov. 9th full time and Auxiliary members of Troop F ran the simunition course at DCI as well as the "Under 100" class.

Ft. Myers Unit Meets with newest Recruit!

Last night the Ft. Myers unit meet to welcome the newest recruit. It will be a little time, however, before she can take the CJ-BAT test!!!

Just about time!!! Lauren Miller (former Trooper) & Aux. Trooper Phil Osborne (Ft. Myers Unit) are just about ready to bring in a new trooper to begin training. Good luck to both.

And then it happened!!!!

Stress Firearms, Hazmat and DT Training at DCI. October 2013.

On Saturday members of the Auxiliary meet at DCI for annual Firearms, Hazmat and DT training. See pictures below. Our thanks to the Bradenton Unit for lunch and to our outstanding FHP Instructors!!!!

Lt. Dave Bush Promoted to Captain, Commander Ft. Myers Unit.

On Thursday, September 5, 2013 Dave Bush was promoted to the rank of Captain and appointed as Commander of the Ft. Myers Auxiliary Unit. The promotion ceremony was presided by Major Vazquez and introduced by Auxiliary Major John Prescott. There was a large crowd that attended to support Capt. Bush in his new endeavor. Auxiliary Capt. John Rumsey recently retired after 33+ years of service. (See story and pictures below).

Professional Photographer takes Individual Pictures for the 75th Anniversary 'Year Book'

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday September 4, 5 and 6, Troop F formal pictures will be taken in the Ft. Myers and Bradenton stations.

Law Enforcement & civilians gather to celebrate/mourn fallen officer.

On Saturday, August 10th thousands of Law Enforcement Officers, Government Officials and citizens expressed their sorrow for the loss of Sgt. Michael Wilson of the Charlotte County Sheriff's Department. He was shot and killed in the line of duty. FHP and FHPA members volunteered to provide traffic management and support. Auxiliary members from Troops F, L, Q and C were working the many intersections. The support is appreciated by all. Thank you!!! 

FHPA Celebration of Major John Rumsey's Retirement. On August 9th members of the Florida Highway Patrol & the Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary met in Fort Myers, Florida to celebrate over 33 years of service to the FHP/FHPA. Over 40 members, new and old, attending the party.

Major Ed Cleveland (Ret) & Major John Prescott The tables are set Major John Rumsey & Guest Marge Bush & John McCann Tpr. Phil Osborne & Lauren
Marge Bush, John McCann, Tpr. Jim Larson & Betty Larson Major Prescott & Capt. Bush Master Corporal Powell, Shirley & Ed Trimner, (Rumsey's daughter) David Childress, Tpr. Richard Stevens & Karen, Nancy & Don Spahl Capt. Dave Bush, Marge & John McCann
Major Prescott & Chief Price Chief Spence Price & Marsha Major Ed Cleveland (Ret) Trooper A.J. Goodwin (Ret) Judy & Major Prescott
Presentation of Awards  Capt. Bush presents plaque Chief Spence Presents Letter from Colonel Brieton Chief Price presents retirement Certificate Major Rumsey cuts the cake as Vonnie looks on
FHPA meets in Orlando. On June 21 - 23 senior members of the Florida Highway Patrol & the Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary met in Orlando Florida for meetings to discuss our activity and goals for the next year.

Colonel David Brieton, Jr. Lt. Colonel Ernie Duarte Lt. Colonel Danny Barber Chief Spence Price Chief Pat Bradley
Major John Prescott Major Steve Thomaston Major Gary Payne Major Gary Mingledorff Major William Walsh
Major Richard Young Major John Froscher Major Jeff Peeler Major Robert Canavello  
Ft. Myers Inspection On Thursday, April 4th members of the Ft. Myers Auxiliary Unit had their annual inspection by Unit Instructor Cpl. Linda Powell.
Ft. Myers Unit Holiday Party On Wednesday, Dec. 12th the Ft. Myers unit held it annual Holiday Party/Dinner. Judy and I were honored to be included in the fun event. Thanks guys!!! Here are some pictures.

FHP/FHPA Senior Staff Meet in Venice!!

On Wednesday, November 7th Major Prescott met with the FHP District Commanders and FHPA Unit Commanders to review the Auxiliary activity for the first quarter of 2012. This is also a great opportunity for both groups to have an open discussion about the role of the FHPA in the FHP daily mission.  In Attendance was FHP, Capt. Culhane, Capt. Baumann, Lt. Rippy. FHPA, Major Prescott, Capt. Ehrhart, Capt. Rumsey, Capt. Osborn, Lt. Dowling.


Troop F Ft. Myers Unit Adds New Level 1 Member

On Friday Trooper Sean Kittleson was sworn in as a level one Trooper (Civilian for Training). He will now begin his training. Good luck Sean.

Troop F Welcomes 12 new Troopers

On Friday 12 new graduates from the last academy began there FTO with an orientation day. Lunch was provided by the Bradenton Auxiliary Unit.

V-POTUS visits the Sun Coast

On Friday and Saturday the FHP/FHPA stepped up to the plate, once again, providing security support to Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Troop F. Full time troopers and Auxiliary troopers were assigned posts to man during the arrival and departure of the VP. All worked as expected and no incidents were encountered.


Here is a list of members participating:
Lt. James Sellers FHP Lt. Greg Bueno FHP Sgt. DanTaylor FHP
Cpl. Juan Quintana FHP Lt. Montie Dowling FHPA Major John Prescott FHPA
Tpr. Eric Oleson FHP Tpr. Jim Larson FHPA Lt. Dave Bush FHPA
Tpr. George Smyrnios FHP Tpr. Nelson Tineo FHP Sgt. Mike Gideons FHP
Sgt. Tommy Keen FHP Tpr. Dan Hinton FHP Tpr. Mike Grider
Tpr. Booker Ferrell FHP Tpr. Dave Pollard FHPA Lt. Bill Harris FHP
Cpl Jeff Rongish FHP Cpr. John Benton FHP Cpl. Andrew Close FHP
Tpr. Roldan Rodriguez FHP Sgt. Dwayne Cooper FHP Tpr. Phil Osborne FHPA


RNC Security Detail - Tampa

On Friday night the FHPA began a series of security details at Tampa area hotels where FHP members were being lodged. Members of Troops F, D and K responded to the call after intelligence reports indicated there may be an effort to damage or vandalize the FHP vehicles while members were asleep. Major John Prescott, Tpr. Joe Filice and Tpr. David Pollard of Troop F responded to the initial emergency call-out on Friday night to work the overnight detail. Members of Troops D & K filled out the weeks roster. The quick response and fast action by Auxiliary members is very much appreciated by the FHP senior managers. Lt. Colonel Danny Barber is very proud of the response from our members at the last minute. Following are the members that worked the detail. 
Name Trp   Name Trp   Name Trp
Mjr. Jeff Peeler K 7 Sgt. Jeff Joyner D 13 Tpr. Brian Murphy D
Mjr. John Prescott F 8 Tpr. David Farrell K 14 Sgt. Tony Mosley D
Capt. Wade Osborn F 9 Tpr. George Farrell C 15 Tpr. Dave Pollard F
Mjr. John Froscher D 10 Sgt. Mark Woodhouse C 16 Tpr. Joe Filice F
Sgt. Jerry Iovine, Sr. D 11 Tpr. Scott Scheuerman C 17 Tpr. Glen Michaels D
Sgt. Bill Dunn D 12 Tpr. Michael Cripe D 18 Tpr. Art Mosher D

FHP/FHPA Senior Staff Meet in Venice!!
On Wednesday, August, 8th Major Vazquez and Major Prescott met with the FHP District Commanders and FHPA Unit Commanders to review the Auxiliary activity for the last quarter of 2012. This is also a great opportunity for both groups to have an open discussion about the role of the FHPA in the FHP daily mission.  In Attendance was FHP, Major Vasquez, Capt. Culhane, Capt. Baumann, Lt. Cardwell. FHPA, Major Prescott, Capt. Ehrhart, Capt. Rumsey, Capt. Osborn, Lt. Bush, Lt. Dowling.


Things are picking up in Middleburg!!! Ready, Set, Get!!!






Major Spence Price sent us the latest picture of cars waiting to be processed in Middleburg.

Defensive Tactics Training at DCI

On Saturday August 4th the Troop F Auxiliary conducted annual DT Training at DCI. A very timely subject as the Auxiliary may be called upon to manage demonstrators at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this month.

Celebration of the Life of Matthew J. Fineman

On Sunday, July 22nd, family, friends and fellow law enforcement members gathered to celebrate the life of Matt Fineman. There were close to 300 people in attendance in Punta Gorda, Florida. Matt served with the Charlotte County Reserves, Punta Gorda Reserves and the Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary for a total of 30 years. The last eight years he served with the FHPA.

Police Cars & American Flag Outside Display of Pictures of Lt. Fineman (top) Honor Guard (bottom) Change of Honor Guard
Honor Guard Standing Watch

Close to 300 attendees

offering support to the family.

Honor Guard with Family Picture in Background Matt's three Uniform Hats David Fineman (Son), Maj. Vasquez (FHP Troop F Commander), L/C Barber (State Aux. Commander), Capt. Osborn (Venice Unit Aux. Commander)
Dr. Calkins becomes Troop F Troop Surgeon!

At a ceremony today at the Ft. Myers Station, Dr. Karen Calkins, MD was issued the Oath of Office to become the Troop Surgeon. Her appointment is a Level One Auxiliary Trooper until she can complete the Basic Recruit Class and become a sworn Auxiliary Trooper. Major Vazquez administered the oath of office. Here is more about Dr. Calkins:


Karen Calkins is an Emergency Medicine physician with over fifteen years experience working in a busy emergency department both in New England and, for the last ten years, in Lee County. She has participated in the teaching of residents from Brown University while working as an attending in Rhode Island. Last year Karen decided to vary her work experience by changing to the work environment of a busy walk-in clinic which sees over one hundred patients a day. In this setting she has taken on the role of lead physician. She has also become lead physician for the newly developing call center for a large hospital system.

Karen earned a B.S in biology from Northeastern University in Boston. She then received her medical degree from New York Medical College. After medical school she did five years of residency at the University of Ct. She belongs to the American College of Emergency Physicians and the American College of Physician Executives where she is pursuing another degree.

Karen grew up in New England but she and her husband and eleven year old son have lived on Sanibel Island for the last twelve years. She and her family enjoy all the outdoor activities offered while living on an island.

Advisory Committee Excellence (ACE) Awards in Ft. Myers

The Florida Highway Patrol & Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), in collaboration with the Florida Highway Patrol Advisory Council and the DHSMV Advisory Group, created the ACE AWARDS in an effort to recognize outstanding work achievement and service by Troopers, Auxiliary Troopers and civilians. On Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at a lunch in the Ft. Myers District Headquarters, the awards for Troop F were presented to: Trooper Melvin Arthur, Trooper of the Year; Ms. Linda Welch, CVE Civilian of the Year; Lt. Dave Bush, Auxiliary Trooper of the Year; Ms. Sandra Grysko, FHP Civilian of the Year, and Duty Officer Eve Labbe, Regional Communications Officer of the Year. Colonel David Brierton and Chief Miguel Gunzman came to present the recipients. Major Vazquez presided over the presentations. It was a very nice event for all that attended. 

Click here to see all the pictures.

Colonel David H. Brierton Guests Major Vazquez
Chief Miguel Guzman Trooper Melvin Arthur & Family Ms. Linda Welch receives award
Lt. Dave Bush & wife receive award Ms. Sandra Grysko receives award Ms. Eve Labbe receives award
Click here to see all the pictures.
Troop F -- Stress Firearms Course and DT Make up session
On Saturday October 29the we held a "make up" date for members that could not make the scheduled session.

Click here to see all the pictures


~ Stevens receives distinguished award ~

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - The Florida Cabinet honored Cpl. Cale Stevens today when they named him the Florida Highway Patrolís 2011 Trooper of the Year. Stevens is assigned to FHPís Troop F in Venice, Fla., and has been with the Patrol for 12 years. His quick actions saved a manís life.

"Corporal Stevensí heroic actions clearly demonstrate his commitment to public safety," said Pam Bondi, Florida Attorney General. "We are extremely proud to honor him as the 2011 Trooper of the Year."

On July 22, 2010, at 12:45 p.m., Stevens was off duty getting a haircut when he heard a crash. He went to investigate the origin of the sound and discovered that a traffic crash had occurred outside the business. As he approached a vehicle with front-end damage, he asked an onlooker to call 911 to report the crash. Stevens observed an unresponsive driver slumped over in the driverís seat. He assessed the driverís injuries and could not locate a pulse, so he enlisted the assistance of a bystander, who helped him remove the driver from the vehicle onto the pavement where he could perform CPR. The subject began breathing, and Stevens was able to detect a slight pulse. Stevens continued to assess the driverís condition until emergency services arrived. Had it not been for Stevensí quick response, the driver may not have survived the crash.

"Corporal Stevens showed great initiative while off-duty to assist this person in need," said Colonel David Brierton, director of the Florida Highway Patrol. "He showed a deep concern for his fellow man, which clearly embodies the Florida Highway Patrolís values of courtesy, service and protection."

The Florida Petroleum Council developed the Trooper of the Year award program more than 40 years ago to recognize troopers who go above and beyond the call of duty.


Lieutenant Colonel Danny Barber Appointed Director FHPA
Lt. Colonel Danny Barber was appointed to the FHPA in 1980 and promoted to the Command Staff in 1993. Through his nearly 30 year career with the FHPA, he served in each leadership position in Troop L and is currently responsible for Field Operations from Troops D, E, F, K and L. in south and central Florida. He holds an Associate Degree in Business Administration and works as a District Manager Publix Supermarkets with responsibility for more than 2,000 associates. Lt. Colonel Barber serves on the Board of Directors of the Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary Foundation. He resides in Palm Beach, Florida. Lt. Colonel Barber has just been appointed as the Director of the Auxiliary and assumed command of the activities and management of all Auxiliary personnel in the State of Florida.
Chief Pat Bradley Appointed Commander of the South Florida Troops FHPA

Chief Pat Bradley joined the FHPA on July 23, 1987 in Troop L where he served in the capacity of Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Caption. He served as the Troop L Major since July 2000. A native resident of Lake Worth (Palm Beach County). He is currently certified as Level 4 and as a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST). He is also a CJSTC General CMS Instructor. Chief Bradley serves on the FHPA Board of Directors for the FHPA Foundation. He holds an Associate Degree in Accounting. For the past 27 years he have been with the Palm Beach County Constitutional Tax Collector's Office as Operations Compliance Officer. Chief Pat Bradley has been appointed to command the Southern Region of the FHPA.  Chief Bradley is responsible for Field Operations for the Southern Region. Including Troops D, E, F, K and L.

Capt. Prescott Promoted to Auxiliary Major - Troop F

Capt. John J. Prescott was promoted to Auxiliary Major at a ceremony in Bradenton on Tuesday March 19th. In his comments, Major Vazquez said: "As the Executive Officer (Capt. Prescott) designed and managed the Troop F web site as well as designed and produced marketing and recruitment print material to enhance the patrols recruitment efforts for the Auxiliary. Additionally, he designed a statewide recruitment program and has been responsible for managing new member applicants and processing. He also served as the Troop F Acting Major for numerous months prior to receiving his current promotion. Please join me as we congratulate Major John J. Prescott on a well-deserved promotion! We are really thankful to have him on our Troop F Team."

Clewiston Unit Remembers 9/11

On Saturday, September 10, Trp. Chris Reynolds and Lt. Montie Dowling of the Clewiston Unit represented the FHP at the Lake Placid American Legion 9/11 remembrance ceremony. Lt. Dowling and each branch of law enforcement, EMS and fire fighters were asked to give a short talk on what the 9/11 event meant to them.

Troop F OMCC Member Transition Training.


This past week members of the Office of Motor Vehicle Compliance conducted a 40 hour transition course to become Florida State Troopers. On Monday Major Vazquez welcomed the men and woman joining the FHP. Lt. Rippy was responsible for the training and the FHPA was given one hour to talk about the Auxiliary and how we may assist the new troopers. Major Prescott gave a power point presentation and Lt. Dave Bush talked to the class. On Thursday Colonel Brierton discussed the transition and answered questions. He then gave the oath of office to the new members.


FHPA State Wide Teleconference.

The Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary had the opportunity on Saturday, July 9th to try out the new teleconference facility that has been placed in each troop around the state. Seven Troop F FHPA members attended. The meeting was a great success as a way to share ideas about the future of the Auxiliary.

Troop A conducts Auxiliary Academy.

Troop A in Northwest Florida is in the process of conducting the 320 hour Auxiliary Basic Recruit Class. Firearms students and instructors are shown. left to right...A/Major Ron Scott, Recruit Jimmy Criswell, Recruit Mike Thornton, Recruit Bill Chavers, Recruit Doug Brim, Recruit Chris Mitchell, CPL Richard Noiseux, CPL Ben Glass.

Ft. Myers Unit Works the 'Contraflow' Exercise

Saturday , June 11, 2011 members of the Naples/Ft. Myers unit participated in the annual DOT Contraflow exercise. This yearly exercise simulates what would happen to Alligator Ally if either the East Coast or West Coast had to be evacuated because of an impending hurricane or other natural disaster. In cooperation with the DOT, their maintenance contractors, State Emergency Management, and FHP units from Collier, Broward, and Lee counties, FHPA members assisted by manning crossroads along the Ally as all four lanes were made one way. This would provide maximum egress for vehicles evacuating the area about to experience a major event.

Representing Naples/Ft. Myers FHPA during the six hour exercise were Lt. Dave Bush, Sgt. Rob Aponte, Tpr. Jim Larson, and Tpr. Richard Stevens.

Clewiston Unit Busy Meeting the Public

On June 1, 2011 Lt. Montie Dowling, Clewiston Unit Commander, made a presentation on seat belts and demonstrated the rollover simulator at the monthly safety meeting of Progress Energy of Highlands County.





On June 3, 2011 Lt. Montie Dowling, Clewiston Unit Commander, gave a presentation, handed out FHP information and demonstrated DUI using the "drunk" goggles at the U.S. Air Force Avon Park Bombing Range Safety Day. Pictured L to R are Lt. Col. Charles MacLaughlin, SSgt. Steven Jefferson and Lt. Dowling.

Lt. David McGee Retires after 20 Years

On April 2nd the Clewiston Unit celebrated the retirement of Lt. Dave McGee with a dinner for seventeen members and guests at the Golden Corral in Lake Placid.  Dave honorably served the FHPA for twenty one years, and we hate to see him go but wish him the best in his retirement.  Pictured is Dave on the left being presented his retirement letter and badges by Lt. Montie Dowling, Clewiston Unit Commander.


New Colonel for FHP Announced

Lieutenant Colonel Brierton has served the residents and visitors of Florida with distinction as a member of the Patrol since September 1983.  An Army veteran, he served as a member of the Military Police prior to joining the FHP.  He is a graduate of Mountain State University with a Bachelor of Science in Administration of Criminal Justice, and has completed specialized training that includes the 27th Command Officer Development Course (Southern Police Institute) and the 41st Chief Executive Seminar (Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute).

As a member of FHP, Lieutenant Colonel Brierton served as a trooper and a sergeant in Miami-Dade County.  In 1989, he was promoted to lieutenant and relocated to Bradenton before being promoted to captain in 1993 and returning to south Florida where he supervised personnel in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. 

In 2003, he was promoted to major and assigned to FHP Headquarters to supervise Investigations and Professional Compliance.  In 2006 he rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel with supervisory responsibilities for Patrol Operations, Investigations, Contraband Interdiction, Emergency Operations and Homeland Security.

Throughout his law enforcement career, Lieutenant Colonel Brierton has served with tremendous dedication and distinction.  With more than 27 years of experience on the Patrol, he is familiar with our proud history of courtesy, service and protection, as well as the many challenges facing us today and in the future. He is a strong advocate for our members and the work they do on a daily basis, and he has a proven track record of working collaboratively with state and local law enforcement agencies throughout Florida.


What do they do when not 10-8?

Our Auxiliary members have a diverse and interesting life when not supporting the FHP. One example is Auxiliary Trooper Brian Eurice of the Bradenton Unit. He is a commercial pilot and works for a company that operates private jets for hire. He travels all over the US taking VIPs and business executives that can afford private transportation. Currently Tpr. Eurice is in training on a new aircraft, the Gulfstream 200.

Some thoughts from Lt. Bush on the Funeral Detail Miami-Dade.

I thought I would share with all of you who could not attend yesterdays funeral in Miami my thoughts about the day while they are still fresh. Unfortunately we may have to repeat a day similar to this for the two officers killed yesterday in St. Petersburg.

The day started very early. Along with the FHP troopers the Troop F Auxiliary members (Sgt. Rob Aponte, Tpr. Ed Morgan, Tpr Cale Stevens, and myself) met at 6:00 A.M. at the Naples station. Under the leadership of Lt. Sapp we traveled as a group to the Miami FHP station arriving about 7:45a.m. We met up with all of the area troopers and auxiliary troopers who would be participating in the days activities. At a 9:00 a.m. briefing the large group was divided into two units. Our assignment was to provide a roadside salute on I-95 as the funeral procession passed. Our cars were to be spaced every tenth of a mile along I-95 facing out at a 45 degree angle. We were to stand by the front of the car. Later we moved our group to a small park at a marina near the arena where the funeral was held.

The funeral was late starting and the procession actually didn't head for the cemetery until 4:30 P.M.  We were able to listen to the service on our AM radios. It was  very moving and sad to hear the various presenters speak. Some told humorous stories about their personal experiences with the two officers while others spoke of the sacrifice that they had made. It was heart wrenching to listen to.

We later proceeded to our assigned spots about twenty minutes ahead of the procession's arrival. Because of the large amount of available units (I believe more than 60) we were able to cover the entire six mile route on I-95 traveled by the procession before they turned off for the cemetery. It was a chilling sight as the more then a hundred motorcycles crested the hill in advance of the hearses. We saluted as they passed at 5:00 P.M. Following were the hundreds of police vehicles that escorted the officers to their final resting place. The last vehicle went by at 5:50 P.M. and we were released for the trip home.

It was a very long day. However, the tribute paid by the FHP and FHPA members as the mourners passed was an inspiring sight and I am certain we all traveled home feeling proud for what we had done. Sadly, we may have to do this again in a few days.

Please be safe out there.....Lt. Dave Bush

 Message received at GHQ -- Another Good Job Montie!!!!

From: Rhonda Mitchell []
Sent: Friday, September 17, 2010 6:51 PM
Subject: Trooper Montie Dowling

Dear Sirs,

                 I felt the need to contact you to advise you of just how much above and beyond Trooper Dowling went today for the FHP! My mother is in her 60ís and my father is in his 70ís- neither of them are physically able to do much especially when it comes to a roadside hazard. My mother was on her way home this afternoon from running an errand and the truck she was driving had an awful blowout while she was traveling down Hwy 27 in Avon Park.  She was able to pull the truck off to the side of the road and was able to call my father to come to her aid. However, another wonderful man seen her pull off the road having some kind of issue and turned his cruiser around to go back to where she was to check on her. He waited with her until my Father arrived and not only did he stand by her side to give her comfort, he pulled his car up behind her to keep anyone from hitting them while they tried to replace the tire with a spare. My parents were not able to unlock the spare tire, nor were they able to get the lug nuts loosened enough to get the tire off. Trooper Dowling was not about to let my parents be there in distress- instead- HE, through a lot of sweat and extreme heat, got the lug nuts to finally loosen their hold, then changed the tire for them to help them to be on their way.  Its almost as if he was in the right place at the right time today! I myself am an officer with the Fla dept of Corrections so I was overwhelmed with gratefulness to know that a Law Enforcement Brother was able to be with my parents to protect and help them in time of need when I couldnít.  My mother called me tonite to tell me the WHOLE story again * My Father had already shared* about this wonderful guardian angel in brown that had appeared and took care of them! The only thing Trooper Dowling would accept from my parents was a handshake and a THANK YOU- even though they wanted to buy him a cold soda seeing as how he was soaked with sweat! I  really do appreciate this Trooper and all those like him that are out here protecting us all from Bad things  that do seem to happen to really nice people! As I pray each day before I go to work at the prison and as I give thanks at the end of my shift each day- I will remember to give thanks also for our state Troopers as well as other law Enforcement.  We all have to have each others backs inside the walls and out on the streets!

Thank you again for this Trooper as well as all the others! Thank you again Trooper Dowling-maybe I can return the favor someday! Take care and God Bless you!!!


Rhonda L Mitchell/ Hardee CI Recruitment Officer

6901 State Rd 62 Bowling Green Fl 33834

Clewiston Unit Supports "Miracle Field".

On Saturday 9/25 Lt. Montie Dowling (below) and Trp. Chris Reynolds (left), of the Clewiston Unit, assisted the Lake Placid Police Department with traffic control for a 5K run.  The run was a fundraiser for the Miracle Field, which is an athletic field for the physically handicapped, and one of only a few in the U.S.

Ft. Myers Unit Supports Pink Heals Tour 2010.

On Saturday October 25th Trooper Phil Osborn and Lt. Dave Bush of the Ft. Myers Unit took part in the PINK HEALS TOUR 2010 which is in Naples. They escorted about 75 motorcycles and four pink fire engines plus local fire units from the Broward County line to exit 107 in Naples. This is a national tour that goes from city to city promoting cancer awareness by linking up with local groups and sponsors. The Naples sponsors included the North Naples Professional Fire Fighters Local 2297, The Naples Daily News, the Mercato shopping area and the Physicians Regional Healthcare System. After a rally at the Naples Harley Davidson dealer the pink engines fanned out to various locations in the area to promote the saving of lives thru cancer awareness. Free mammograms were given at the Mercato to qualified women.

Lt. Montie Dowling & Trooper Chris Reynolds attend 9/11 service.
On 9/11 Lt. Montie Dowling and Trp. Chris Reynolds of the Clewiston Unit attended a memorial service sponsored by the Lake Placid American Legion Post honoring the victims of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, and also honoring all military and law enforcement personnel. 

Pictured left to right are Trp. Chris Reynolds, Highlands County Sheriff, Susan Benton, Lake Placid Police Chief, Phil Williams, and Clewiston Unit Commander, Lt. Montie Dowling.


Lt. Montie Dowling -- Trooper of the Quarter

Col. Stephen Sheffer announced the FHPA Trooper of the Quarter winner for the first quarter of 2010.
Congratulations to FHPA Lt. Montie Dowling, Troop F, Clewiston for this award. While traveling with his family, off duty, Lt. Dowling observed a crash between a car and a bus carrying many civilians. At least five individuals were ejected from the bus as it turned over. Lt. Dowling, using his FHPA training, called 911, got his traffic vest out and started administering first aid to the injured. Lt. Dowling was the first responder on the scene until EMS arrived. The crash resulted in two fatalities and all the other passengers were either ground transported or air lifted out of the area.  Lt. Dowling exemplified what an FHPA Trooper is all about, serving and giving of his time to others in need.

Congratulations again, to Lt. Dowling for this well deserved honor!
Auxiliary Training Saves Lives!!!!


The following is a letter from Lt. Montie Dowling, Clewiston Auxiliary Commander and very active member of the Troop F FHPA. An outstanding job by a dedicated Auxiliary Trooper.

I think we all wonder just when will all that training we got pay off.  Well, for me, it paid off yesterday!!  I was an eye witness and first responder to a Sig-4 rollover on Hwy 27 just north of Lake Placid involving a bus with 30 senior citizens aboard.  In witnessing the crash, I saw at least 5 passengers being ejected from the bus.  I quickly called 911 and got my traffic vest out of my private vehicle.  I went to the ejected passengers first and assessed that they were not critically injured.  I asked then to sit or lay quietly until emergency help could arrive.  I then went around to the other side of the bus where the inside could be reached thru the windows which had been knocked out by the impact of the rollover.  There were many people intangled and lying on the roof, which was now the floor.  I climbed inside and began to check these passengers for injuries.  One man had a broken leg and another a bad shoulder, but for the most part the rest were cut around the head area by broken plastic framing from around the windows.  I started getting the folks untangled, and one by one passing them out the window to other volunteers and EMT's.  We did put the guy with the broken leg on a body board and passed him out the window.  I can't say enough about the emergency personnel who arrived at the scene.  They worked very professionally in setting up their triage, and, in what seemed like no time, had everyone on boards and separated into groups by injury.  There were 2 Sig 7's and all the other passengers were transported to area hospitals, except for 5 who were airlifted out of the area.  I now really appreciate those hours of training.  Montie 

Sergeant Joseph "Preacher" Douthett Retires after 25 Years.

Sergeant Joe Douthett, best known as "Preacher" has retired from the Florida State Trooper Auxiliary after contributing more then 25 years of service. As of late he served as Sergeant in the Venice Unit. A retired minister 'preacher' also served as the Troop F Chaplin. Joe was as active in the Auxiliary as anyone. He was always available for call outs day or night. His skill, ability and dedication to the FHP and FHPA will be missed.  We wish Joe, his wife Jill and their family the best as he moves on to other great adventures.
Preacher working on new Command Vehicle Preacher at DCI quarterly training Shotgun Training at DCI

Preacher working an Equipment Checkpoint Preacher working the road with Troopers Setting up for funeral escort detail
Pre-detail briefing Preacher working the football game at Tampa One happy Trooper. Thanks for all you have done Preacher Man!!!!

ABRC Graduation adds 6 New Auxiliary Troopers to Troop F

On Saturday April 24th six new Auxiliary Troopers were sworn in to Troop F. This completes over one year of training and testing. All four units gained at least one new Auxiliary Trooper. Troopers Joe Filice, Chris Gologanoff and Michael Sullivan joined the Bradenton Unit. Trooper Ron Buckley joins the Clewiston Unit. Trooper Richard Lisenbee joins the Ft. Myers Unit and Trooper David Pollard completes the Venice Unit. Close to 100 FHP/FHPA family and friends attended the ceremony.

Click here to see all the pictures.

Capt. John Prescott, Executive Officer/Recruiter gets the event started. Major Ed Cleveland, Troop F Auxiliary Commander commends the new Auxiliary Troopers. Major Carlos Vazquez, Troop F Commander address the guests.
Capt. John Donovan, Venice District Commander/FHPA Coordinator. Colonel Steven Sheffer, FHPA Commander speaks to the attendees. Lt. Colonel Ernesto Duarte, FHP Deputy Director/FHPA Administrator talks to all.
The FHP Color Guard added a touch of class to the event. Trooper Michael Sullivan, Trooper Barbara Ehrhart (Bradenton Unit Instructor), Trooper Joe Filice and Trooper Chris Gologanoff -- All Bradenton Unit Capt. John Prescott & Lt. Colonel Ernesto Duarte


New Major for Troop F

Troop F welcomes it's new Commander, Major Carlos Vazquez. Major Vazquez is charged with the operations of the ten counties which comprise the troop.

Auxiliary working with the Bureau of Investigation (BOI) to prevent a potential harmful situation. Last week one of the Sarasota area Drivers License Offices received a letter with an implied threat to the workers in that office. The office manager notified Lt. Connor Cardwell, of the Troop F BOI office, of the incident. Lt. Cardwell was able to identify the individual and where he lived. Capt. Osborn and Capt. Prescott were dispatched to the DL office to insure the suspect did not attempt to cause any harm to the office workers or citizens visiting the office. In the meantime Lt. Cardwell attempted to contact the suspect for an interview but the suspect managed to get away from his residence before Lt. Cardwell could talk with him. The next day, Lt. Cardwell and Capt. Osborn intercepted the suspect near his residence early in the morning. After confronting the suspect and interviewing him, it was determined there was ample probable cause for an arrest. The suspect was taken into custody by Lt. Cardwell and Capt. Osborn and charged with three felonies - another good example of Auxiliary Troopers working with FHP for a positive outcome.
Troop F Quarterly Training at DCI.

On Saturday, November 21st members of Troop F met at the Desoto Corrections Institute Training Facility (DCI) for a full day of training, food and fun. The morning was spent Running the mandatory Stress Firing Course for all members outside. In the meantime members 'spouses' took the "DT Class for Family" inside instructed by Trooper Jennifer Drake and Cpl. Tim Burtcher. Everyone then enjoyed a great lunch provided by the Venice Unit. The afternoon was used for mandatory classroom instruction. Thanks to all the members that attended, the Venice Unit for a great lunch and all the instructors. You can view all the pictures on the "Photo Gallery" page of this web site or CLICK HERE.


New Weapons for everyone: GLOC 45 GAP

This issue of new weapons will begin early next year and will begin in the North of the state and move South. The weapon will come with a detachable light (may be attached with a special holster). Everyone will have two days of training and certification on the weapon. You will be given the option to purchase the Beretta at the 'trade in' price to be announced.

ATM for 2010 cancelled due to budget cuts.

FHPA Level 4 Approved

Level 4 has been approved and will roll out state wide December 1st. Members that have taken some training recently will receive credit for that training.

Ft. Myers Unit works 'special enforcement'!

Ft. Myers /Naples unit participated in the Labor Day weekend FHP special enforcement effort. Troop F overall gave out 2,676 citations. The Ft. Myers/Naples unit of FHP gave out 1,668 of those citations. This was over a period from Friday to Monday. Seven of the Ft. Myers/Naples unit auxiliary troopers participated in this effort for a total of 111 hours during the four day period. 19 hours were LSP and the balance of 92 were riding with troopers.

Capt. Rumsey Lt. Bush Tpr. Stevens Tpr. Larson
Tpr. Childress Tpr. Snelling Tpr. Osborne Sgt. Aponte

Participating were Capt. John Rumsey, Lt. Dave Bush, Troopers Richard Stevens, Jim Larson, David Childress, Tom Snelling, and Phil Osborne. A great effort by everyone. A couple of the guys even got on the local TV news. In addition Sgt. Rob Aponte worked a Bucs game. Everyone contributed.

Clewiston Unit Continues to Recruit New Members.

Lt. Montie Dowling, Commander of the Clewiston Unit attended a luncheon as the guest speaker at the Lake Placid Rotary Club last Wednesday to 'sell' the FHPA. He 'set the stage' with our blow-up pictures and the new banner to gain attention. Thanks Lt. Dowling and keep up the good work. Our recruiting materials are available to all units if you can set up a presentation.



ABRC Academy Continues With Firearms in the Summer Heat.

Our Auxiliary Basic Recruit Class continues to move forward with the mandated FDLE curriculum. Not an easy task as the temps reach into the 90's with little wind. Keep up the good work guys and THANKS to the instructors!!!

Troop F Supports the ABRC Academy at DCI.

Hats off to all the Units of Troop F as they provide support to the first Auxiliary Basic Recruit Class in Florida. As the class moved to the gun range at Desoto Correctional Institute for the firearms segment of the training, each of the Troop F units provided lunch for the recruits and instructors.

-  On Saturday June 27th the Bradenton Unit provided a cookout with burgers and dogs plus all the sides.

-  On Saturday, July 11th the Clewiston Unit served a western style BBQ with roasted chicken and pulled pork.

-  On Saturday, July 18th the Ft. Myers Unit brought a "make your own Submarine Sandwich" with a variety of deli meats and cheese along with all the sides.

-  On Saturday, July 25th the Venice Unit provided an original BBQ cookout with 'homemade wings & homemade Blue Cheese & Ranch dressing' along with homemade Potato Salad & Baked Beans. Also plenty of grilled sausage. With homemade brownies "to die for"!!!! 

Given the long days and amazing heat on the range the lunch break was most appreciated by all. Thanks to all the great members of Troop F for your support to the new recruits and our amazing instructors!!!!

A/Sgt. John Handy 'moves over'.

Bad news for Troop F - Bradenton Unit but good news for the FHP. Auxiliary Sgt. John Handy of the Bradenton Unit will begin training as a full time trooper at the next Academy starting in August. John has been an outstanding Auxiliary Member and will, no doubt, continue his law enforcement career as a full time trooper. Good luck John and be safe out there!!!!! Major Cleveland said, "This just means we will have another outstanding Trooper for Auxiliary members to ride with and support."


Buddy Culberson Retires from FHPA. Last Saturday night at the Inn on the Lake in Sebring Buddy's 19+ years of service to the Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary was celebrated. Here Major Ed Cleveland presents Captain Buddy Culberson with his retirement letter and badge framed. Buddy served as commander of the Clewiston Unit for a number of years. He will be missed by all. Good luck in your retirement Buddy!!!!

Auxiliary Basic Recruit Class is Underway!!!

On Saturday, April 25, 2009 the first Auxiliary Basic Recruit Class began in Venice. Nine new recruits are attending the 12 month Academy which follows the mandated FDLE 320 hour curriculum. Four of the recruits are from the Bradenton Unit, one from Ft. Myers, one from Venice, two from the Clewiston Unit and one from the Orlando Unit. This was a major effort by Troop F Training Coordinator Lt. Vince Crawford and the first Academy for Auxiliary Troopers in the state. All of the instructors are from Troop F - full time, Auxiliary and Reserve Troopers. The full curriculum is posed on the "Training & Recruits" page on this web site. A second Auxiliary Basic Recruit Class is scheduled to begin on September 19th pending the completion of testing and BGI of 10 new applicants.

Pictured left to right: Lt. Vince Crawford (Troop F Training Coordinator), Tpr. Barbara Ehrhart (Bradenton Unit Instructor and BRC Instructor), Recruit David Pollard (Venice Unit), Recruit Ron Buckley, Recruit Tony Bevis (Clewiston Unit), Recruit David Park, Recruit Chris Gologanoff, Recruit Joe Filice (Bradenton Unit), Recruit Richard Lisenbee (Ft. Myers Unit), Recruit Michael Sullivan (Bradenton Unit), Recruit Matt Swingholm (Orlando Unit), Major Ed Cleveland (Troop Auxiliary Commander), Capt. John Donovan (Venice District Commander & Auxiliary Coordinator), Capt. John Prescott (Troop F Auxiliary Executive Officer / Recruiter).


Fulltime and Auxiliary Troopers Qualify with Assault Rifles.

13 Troop F Full Time and Auxiliary Troopers just completed the 27 hour Assault Rifle Qualification Course so they may now carry high powered weapons in their police vehicle such as the AR-15.


Ft. Myers Unit Works Escort


Troopers Jim Larson, Richard Stevens and Lt. Dave Bush participated in the 6th Annual Easter Bunny Motorcycle ride to benefit the Children's Hospital in Ft. Myers. The 21 mile ride started at The Ft. Myers Harley Davidson Dealer and ended at the Healthcare Center. Over 300 cyclists participated, each bringing a gift for a child. We assisted in the escort with the Lee County SO.

Capt. John Donovan takes over as FHPA Coordinator

Capt. John Donovan (left), Commander of the Venice District, has been appointed FHPA Coordinator for Troop F. He replaces Capt. John Baumann (right) who has served the Auxiliary in an exemplary manner over the years. Capt. Baumann's guidance and advice will be missed by all Auxiliary members in the Troop. He will continue to be active with the Auxiliary as best he can. But, Capt. Donovan is an excellent choice as he has also demonstrated outstanding support of the Auxiliary, most notably the Venice Unit. We all look forward to working with our new Auxiliary Coordinator.

Troop F Provides Police Services at Charlotte County Air Show.

Capt. Wade Osborn and all the members of the Venice Unit wish to thank all those Auxiliary Troopers that worked the Charlotte County Air show this past week. We provided 645 man/hours of service, saving Charlotte County about $23,000 in salaries. Members from all over the state participated. Tpr. Gil Rappelt came from Pinellas, Jack Salafia came from Fish & Wildlife, we also had Auxiliary from the Bradenton, Ft. Myers and Clewiston Units. We manned our 'Recruiting Station' both days of the show and had a significant number of contacts. Special Thanks to Judy Prescott and her two kids that helped with the effort, as well as the A/men that stopped by to help 'sell' the FHPA. This was also the first time the Troop F FHP Command Bus was put into use and it was a great help as a base of operations. Capt. Osborn did an outstanding job of coordinating all the police obligations that were asked of the Auxiliary over the five day period. To see some awesome pictures taken by Lt. Matt Fineman go to the "Photo Gallery" page.


Crew standing by aircraft on flight line FHP Command Vehicle in action FHP Golf Cart responding to the tarmac
Judy Prescott & Luke set up Recruiting Station Getting ready for Pilot Escort to airport from hotel R/Tpr. Grace Luh & Capt. Osborn
Tpr. Chad Bostak and Tpr. Gary Rentz Lt. Montie Dowling Trooper Grace Luh signs visitor shirt

Capt. Prescott talks with interested citizen Tpr. Rob Aponte & Tpr. Joe Saladino on patrol Tpr. Aponte, Capt. Prescott & Tpr. Jim Knowlton

Troop F "Command Vehicle" Debuts at Quarterly Training.

This past Saturday Troop F conducted firearms recertification for all Auxiliary and Reserve Troopers. The new Troop F Command Vehicle was used to transport Venice Unit members to DCI for training. Troop Commander, Major David McCarter and Aux. Commander, Major Ed Cleveland were given a tour by Venice Unit Commander (and vehicle facilitator) Capt. Wade Osborn. They were very impressed. (See full story below and on the "Photo Gallery" page). Also the first of three "Level One" A-men were sworn in to begin their ABRC in April. While the Major was there he took the opportunity to swear in Montie Dowling as the Clewiston Unit Commander.

Venice Unit Rides to DCI in new Command Veh. Capt. Osborn at the wheel. Capt. Osborn, Maj. McCarter & Maj. Cleveland
Members of the Venice Unit at the Command Vehicle. Tpr. Moore, Sgt. Nazzarese, Capt. Osborn, Maj. McCarter, Maj. Cleveland, Tpr. Rentz and Capt. Prescott. Level One Richard Lisenbee of the Ft. Myers Unit just after being sworn in with his family in attendance. Lt. Montie Dowling, being sworn in as Commander of the Clewiston Unit. Replacing Lt. Buddy Culberson, who will be missed greatly.

Troop F Holds Annual Firearms Recertification

Troop F "Command Unit" is now just about ready. The former "Dial-A-Ride" bus, donated to the FHPA by Charlotte County, for use as a Mobile Command & Control and Transportation Vehicle is just about ready. The cost of fixing up the unit was paid for by donations and the Venice Auxiliary Unit funds. Some additional lettering, more lights, and some fixing up the interior and the unit will be placed in service for use by Troop F. Thanks to all the Venice Unit Members that worked so hard on the project. And a special thanks to Corporal Cale Stevens for his preparation and painting of the unit. Also Capt. Osborn, Lt. Fineman, Sgt. Douthett, Tpr. Saladino, Tpr. Knowlton and Tpr. Rentz. If you would like to see the whole process of converting the bus to command vehicle, click here.

Here is the unit

Capt. Osborn removing old paint

Trooper Moore working the exterior

Sgt. Douthett working the back door We will keep the lift in case we need to evacuate handicapped citizens. Capt. Osborn at the controls.
Troop F Adds Two New Auxiliary Members.

On Thursday January 29th Major David McCarter administered the oath of office to two new Auxiliary Troopers in Troop F.

Trooper Philip Osborne - Ft. Myers Unit Trooper Cale Stevens, Sr. - Venice Unit Major David McCarter gives oath to new Auxiliary Troopers in Troop F
Grandma Sandi Osborne Pins on Badge Grandpa Noel Osborne, Grandma Sandi Osborne, Trooper Philip Osborne, Brother Kyle Osborne and Kyle's girlfriend Jessica Harpin Cpl. Linda Powell (Unit Instructor), Capt. John Rumsey (Unit Commander), Capt. John Prescott (Executive Officer), Trooper Osborne, Lt. Dave Bush, Major David McCarter (Troop Commander)
Wife Ruth and son Cale Jr. Pin on Badge Family of Troopers: Cpl. Jacquline Stevens, Trooper Cale Stevens, Sr. and Cpl. Cale Stevens, Jr. Capt. John Baumann (Auxiliary Coordinator), Capt. John Prescott (Executive Officer), Cpl. Cale Stevens, Jr., Trooper Cale Stevens, Major McCarter & Cpl. Jacquline Stevens.

Troop F -- 3rd Annual Child Safety Day A Big Success!

The Troop F FHP Auxiliary 3rd Annual Child Safety Day was held on Saturday December 6th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the North Port Wal*Mart Parking Lot. Also participating was the North Port Police Department, North Port Fire/Rescue, Florida Dept. of Fish & Wildlife, FHP & NPPD K-9 Units, Sarasota PD, Florida Dept. of Forestry & DEP. Special thanks again this year to Wal*Mart for providing the helmets and bikes to give away!!!

Once again Capt. Osborne put together a very successful event with the help of: Capt. John Donovan (Venice Unit Commander), Sgt. Randy Head, Tpr. Lucy Papp, Tpr. Jennifer Drake (Unit Instructor), Tpr. Edward Pope, Tpr. Jeff House, Tpr. Adam Heinlein, Tpr. Mike Grider and Auxiliary Capt. John Prescott, Lt. Matt Fineman, Sgt. Mark Nazzarese, Sgt. Joe Douthett, Tpr. Dennis Moore, Tpr. Jim Knowlton, Tpr. Joe Saladio.

Trooper Moore sets up booth Sarasota Motor Unit sets up booth Trooper Saladino works the "Roll Over" demo.
Two new FHP Chargers on display Florida Dept. of Forestry display FHP & FHPA members get ready
North Port Officers mingle with the crowds Trooper Papp & Trooper Salidino get ready Another demo set up
Tpr. Papp, Pat Flynn, Tpr. Salidino & Lt. Finemen One of the marine units Bloodmobile was on hand.
North Port & FHP Auxiliary members Fish & Wildlife display North Port DARE unit sets up booth
FHPA booth Giving out 'raffle' tickets to waiting public Trooper Drake 'fits' child with new 'free' helmet
And here are the winners of the FHPA raffle for new bikes w/helmets!!!!
They lined up to get 'raffle' tickets!! Lots of 'free' stuff for old and young alike North Port Police 'work the crowd'
FHP & FHPA had lots of stuff for the public. North Port Auxiliary Officer w/child North Port Police booth was popular
Trooper Drake running the 'raffle' drawing More of the crowd having fun FHP Chargers on display
Crowd enjoying the afternoon great weather K-9 Demo -- searching for 'drugs' "Attack" demo
All the kids got to pet the dog Fire EMT booth.
High Stress Firearms Training A Big Hit!!

On Saturday September 20th Troop F Auxiliary, Reserve and Full Time Troopers participated in High Stress Firearms Training at DCI. Here are some pictures of that event. (You can see all the pictures by clicking here)

Trooper Guirrero Runs 50 yards Fires 4 rounds w/shot gun Re-loads under cover . . .
. . . and fires 4 more rounds Fires service weapon at target. . . . . . moves to new position and fires
Moves to new target. . . Fires at balloons from prone position. . . Fires at target
One handed fire w/flashlight. .. Left handed fire at target balloons Firing at target specific balloons (clearing weapon)